If You’re Feeling Depressed, It Could Be Your Thyroid.

It is easy to assume that feelings of despair and depression are automatically brain related. After all, depression is considered a mental health disorder resulting from chemical changes in the brain.

But what if there is another reason. Your thyroid.

The thyroid is a small gland in the neck that helps regulate body temperature. But it also serves an important role in producing hormones that keep the body operating smoothly. When the thyroid can’t make enough hormones, a condition called hypothyroidism can result. This hormone imbalance can cause symptoms of depression or even brain fog.

Many Americans, especially older women are not aware that the thyroid may be the reason, and often just accept a lower quality of life rather than take the time to seek out a diagnosis and treatment. Truth be told, it is difficult to determine a thyroid condition without a blood test.

For those who are dealing with depression, mental fog or difficulty losing weight, we recommend getting a blood test to accurately determine if the cause is your thyroid. Not all blood test are the same, so make sure you get a comprehensive one. It may well be the bets decision you ever make for your health and mental happiness.   

If you thyroid issues affecting your everyday life, make an appointment for a thorough consultation with our medical team. We offer a telemedicine option for those who live outside the Tampa Bay area.

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